Have you been gambling on an online casino and have seen the game DominoQQ being advertised? Are you wondering what the game is, how you play it and if it is a gambling game you would enjoy?

In fact, DominoQQ is an extremely fun game to play. So much so, it is getting thousands of new converts to it every month. People who not only enjoy the game, but have also been quite successful winning at it.

What is DominoQQ? — The game was first invented in Indonesia and has been a family favorite for several generations of Indonesians ever since.

DominoQQ, also known as Domino Qiu Qiu, is a game that is played with two sets of normal dominoes. The only thing that is unique about the domino sets that are used is that the blank tiles are not used.

The game itself is similar to poker in that each player is dealt five cards. With those cards they then have to decide if they can create a certain hand.

How is DominoQQ played? — Once each player has checked their hand, the game begins.

The game starts with one player who decides if he will bet, fold, raise, or check. As the game continues, other players will decide if they will call.

Once each player has had chance to choose their play, the hand is called and the person that thinks they have the best hand shows their hand. If nobody else can beat it, that person wins.

The other hands do not need to be shown if the people that were bluffing want to keep that bluff a secret.

If none of the players in the game were able to put together a hand that ranked well, the winner then becomes the player who has the highest score on their dominoes.

Is DominoQQ a game you will enjoy? — People who already enjoy playing poker will usually love playing DominoQQ (see Situs Judi Online) as the game is quite similar.

People who enjoy domino games will also like it as it is different than other domino games they may have played.

Those who like playing a game where it is possible to win large sums of money will definitely enjoy DominoQQ. This is even more true if their skills at the game improve enough that they can then move up into the high stakes games.

Overall, most people who play DominoQQ at an online casino tend to continue playing it.

After all, there are many rooms available and every stakes level is accessible. As games online tend to move quickly as well, they can play a large number of DominoQQ hands in a typical evening.

In other words, if DominoQQ sounds like a game you would enjoy, you should give it a try.