Texas Hold’em Poker is a popular game. Is it any wonder that the game is available at many online casinos as a table game? For those of us who are experienced in the game, we do not need to read this article. But many are new and novice players of Texas Hold’em and for those of us who are, we can continue reading to find out the rules of the game.

The Rules of the Game

Many of us are familiar with Texas Hold’em tournaments. These tournaments are played at a table with 2 to 10 players. The object is simple, win as many chips as possible. You can win chips by having the best hand available. You can also win the pot of chips if everyone else at the table has folded.

There are main parts to a Texas Hold’em game. These parts are the setup, betting rounds, and showdown. The setup is when the cards are dealt. The betting rounds are before each flop card in the middle. The showdown will signify the end of around.

The Dealer Button

With Hold’em, every round is played with a different dealer. The actual dealer will either deal with all players a card or have them pick 1 from the deck that is spread facedown. The player with the highest valued card will become the first dealer. After that, the dealer will always be to the left of the current dealer.

A dealer button is an object that symbolizes the dealer. When the round is over, the dealer will pass it to the left and that person will then become the dealer. The button is used to symbolize who is the fictitious dealer.

The Blinds

The blinds are small bets put in the pot by the person to the left of the dealer. There are 2 blinds. 1 small and 1 big. The person to the immediate left of the dealer puts in the small blind. The person to the left of the one who contributed the small blind will put in the big blind.

Betting Rules

For the most part, there will be 1 to 4 rounds of betting in a hand of Hold’em. The physical dealer of the cards will start dealing 1 card at a time to the person to the left of the player with the dealer button. Each player will receive 2 cards facedown. These 2 cards are merely for the players to look at and use when compiling the 5-card idn poker hand to play at the end of the betting.

The betting round will begin after the 2 cards are dealt. The second betting round is after the flop (the first cards dealt faceup). Before each additional card is dealt faceup, the players will have the opportunity to bet. After the fourth betting round, the showdown will begin.