Making mistakes is something every new online poker player does, even if they try their best to avoid them.

Some of the mistakes they make, however, can be easily avoided. Especially if they know what they are before they begin playing.

Not being strict with their bankroll — An experienced online poker player will be strict with their bankroll. This generally means allocating a specific amount for every day and every bet. New players, however, tend to be much less strict with their bankrolls. This causes them to spend money too quickly, and to soon run into debt.

Being too adventurous too soon — The smart new online poker players start at the lower stakes rooms, and then stay there until their skills can handle the higher stakes rooms.

New online poker players that are too adventurous, however, will move up into the higher stakes rooms quickly. As the people playing in these rooms tend to be highly skilled, they soon find themselves losing quickly as well.

Being impatient — Patience is very important when playing online poker, as playing hands you should not play or making decisions too quickly can soon sink your game.

New online poker players tend to have less patience than they should. They make rash decisions, play hands they cannot possibly win with, and generally make bad mistakes due to a lack of patience.

Playing weak hands — Many new situs poker online players are just so happy to be playing they play weak hands that will only cause them to lose.

If you are a new player, you should have more patience and be careful about choosing the hands you play. A weak hand will always be a weak hand, and will not magically become something you can win playing.