If you are new to the world of sports gambling, and want to start by gambling on the top five sports, these five are definitely where you should start.


Before you do, however, make sure you understand the rules of each game, as there is little point betting on a sport you do not understand.


Football — Football, which is only called soccer by Americans, is the world’s most popular game. Several billion people call themselves fans of the game, and hundreds of millions of them bet on football games every year with online bookkeepers like https://gclubbz.net/สมัคร-gclub.


People like to gamble on games they both enjoy watching, and games they understand. That is why football will always be the top sport to bet on, simply because it has the most fans, and because there are tens of thousands of matches played every day.


Cricket — When you talk about the top five sports to bet on, cricket may be at the bottom of your list, but it shouldn’t be.


In fact, hundreds of millions of people around the world follow cricket, and tens of millions of them bet on it.


Cricket became popular due to the British introducing it to other countries during the days of the British Empire. When the British left, many countries kept some of the things that had been introduced to them, including cricket.


American football — While American football has not spread anywhere near as far as the British version of the game, it has spread to countries like Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom.


With millions of Americans gambling on the game every year, and Canadians, Japanese and Brits enjoy watching and betting, American football has become one of the top five sports to bet on. Many games are played during the season, so there are always plenty of opportunities for gambling.


Horse racing — The history of horse racing goes back as far as Ancient Greece and Egypt, and has been around in one form or another since those times.


In the thousands of years since it first began, horse racing has been introduced around the globe until just about every country nowadays has it.


This has made horse racing one of the top five sports to bet on due to both its popularity, and because there are always races to gamble on.


Tennis — The popularity of tennis has skyrocketed in the last 20 or 30 years. Much of this is to do with both the personalities that play the game, the famous tournaments that are held every year and the large amounts of prize money that can be won.


Tennis is also one of the top five sports to bet on due to the many matches and tournaments to gamble on, and to the enormous number of things you can bet on during any particular match.