What Is Domino QQ

Domino QQ is a poker game that is most commonly played in Indonesia and this game is closer related to pai gow. Domino QQ is also called Domino Indo. Domino QQ and pai gow both revolve around using dominoes as the gambling tool instead of cards. It is reported by players across the world that the game can be difficult initially but once you get the hang of it it is addicting and also fun.

The Rules Of Domino QQ

When an individual is considering playing any game weather it is for money or for free the rules of the game must first be understood. When it comes to playing bandarqiu the first step is to know that the Indonesian dominoes are not like the dominoes here in the United States. The difference in the dominos is that the Indonesian dominoes are small cards that are usually discarded over a period of time due to natural wear and tear. It is also very important to know that domino qq is played with 28 double six dominoes. The first step is establishing the pot. Before playing all the players have to put a certain amount into the pot and this could be high or low bet. Once the betting is established then each player will be dealt 3 dominoes. The next step will be for each player to take a look at the dominos that they have been dealt. Once they have viewed their domino’s they have four options they can stay, call, fold, or raise.

In the first round if no one bets but one person then that person automatically wins the pot without showing their hand. If someone else does bet then everyone who did not fold will get a fourth card and after the fourth card is received this is when the final round of betting starts. It is also important to know that in the first round the betting can initially be low but in the second round of betting this is usually when the betting starts to increase. Once the fourth cards are dealt all the individuals who did not fold show their hands and the individual with the highest hand wins the pot. When the cards are dealt they are dealt in two pairs and then the pips are added together. Only the second number of the pip is used to establish a hand. An example if you have a pip that totals 25 then the hand will be counted as 5. The highest hand is a pair of 9s.

There are only a few ways that a player can beat a pair of nines and they are called high, low, and double hands. The high hand is when the pip total on the 4 dominoes that they have been dealt totals to 38 or higher. The low hand is when the pip total on the 4 dominoes that they have been dealt totals to 9 or lower. The double hand is just all 4 dominoes that have been dealt are all doubles.